#404026 (3.25oz.Natural 檜木色) Famowood Water-based Wood Filler 水基木質填料



Famowood水基木質填料 以水為基材的木質填料易於清理,直接用水清洗雙手及用具。 溢出多餘的填料可用濕布除去,一般情況填料於乾固三十分鐘後可作施工砂磨。 並可在打磨後使用水基成分染劑著色或置一夜全乾後以油性染劑上色。 Water based wood filler cleans up easily, washing right off hands and tools with water. Overspread can be removed with a damp cloth, and the filler is usually dry enough for sanding in 30 minutes. It can be stained with water-based stains right after sanding, and after overnight drying with oil stains.

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