#5052060 FAMOWOOD GLAZE COAT CRAFT 釉料高光澤手工藝環氧樹脂

可用尺寸: 品脫 (473mL)



FAMOWOOD GLAZE COAT CRAFT 釉面塗料高光澤工藝是一種超透明環氧樹脂,可以達到高光澤度。它的多功能性足以創造出獨特的珠寶作品或塗層,幾乎可用於任何表面 - 光滑或粗糙,染色或塗漆,無論是舊的還是新的。 易於1:1的混合比例 固化,堅固,順暢的專業完成 自流平 - 需要最小的擴散 室內使用 耐溫高達120°F 創建,恢復,美化和保護數百個項目。 FAMOWOOD GLAZE COAT CRAFT is an ultra-clear epoxy resin that dries to a high gloss finish. It’s versatile enough for creating unique jewelry pieces or a coating for use on almost any surface – smooth or rough, stained or painted, old or new. * Easy 1:1 mixing ratio * Cures to a hard, smooth professional finish * Self-leveling – minimal spreading required * Indoor use * Resists temperatures up to 120 °F * Create, restore, beautify and protect hundreds of projects.

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