FRAY LOCK 防散口膠水座架裝

顏色: 透明



​​E6000 Fray Lock - 防散口膠水🔸布料專用​​黏膠🔸 ​​-永久鎖​實​​​​​​​布邊​和​線結令​​布邊不會披口或散口走線 ​-無異味 -無酸 ​-乾後透明​​ -不會影響布料的柔軟度和延展性 -可縫​​紉 -可洗滌 -適用於布料, 絲帶, 絎縫,繡花,縫紉和十字繡等等 Fray Lock permanently seals raw edges and locks knots - even on buttons. It's ideal for quilting, embroidery, sewing and cross-stitching. Works great on thread knots and frayed fabric Dries crystal clear Acid-Free Washable Permanent Soft and Flexible

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