#563011 E6000 SPRAY ADHESIVE 噴塗膠

可用尺寸: 4盎司 (118.2ml)



E6000噴塗膠粘劑是一種永久性的,多用途的乳膠基膠粘劑,無毒氣味,煙霧或不健康的副作用。它堅固,靈活,防水,抗滲漏和泛黃。易於使用的泵可噴射細小,均勻,不含溶劑和推進劑的薄霧,是許多基材的理想選擇,例如紙張,木材,紙板,照片,中型至重磅織物,玻璃,金屬等。 低氣味 易於清理水 非易燃 防水 乳膠配方不含揮發性有機化合物,刺激性化學物質或推進劑 照片安全 乾透 室內室外 E6000 Spray Adhesive is a permanent, multi-purpose latex-based adhesive without the toxic smells, fumes or unhealthy side effects. It is strong, flexible, water-resistant, resists bleed-through and yellowing. Ideal for a many substrates such as paper, wood, cardboard, photos, medium to heavy weight fabrics, glass, metals and more.The easy-to-use pump sprays a fine, even mist that is solvent and propellant free. Low odor Easy water clean-up Non-flammable Water resistant Latex formula contains no VOCs, harsh chemicals or propellants Photo safe Dries translucent Indoor/Outdoor