Amazing GOOP Trim Repair 很棒的GOOP修邊

可用尺寸: 1.0盎司



很棒的GOOP修邊 出色的GOOP Trim Repair是一種超強,靈活和耐用的粘合劑,在壓力,路面振動或極端溫度下不會開裂或破裂。它將永久性地修復鬆動和分離的裝飾條,擋風雨條以及幾乎所有應附著在汽車上的東西。修整適用於鉻,木材,塑料,金屬,橡膠等。 Extreme Flex-即使在極端溫度下也能保持柔韌性 防水–即使在最潮濕的路況下,粘結仍能保持牢固 噴嘴噴嘴管-允許精確的應用 乾燥透明-完全固化後可上漆 Amazing GOOP Trim Repair is a super strong, flexible and durable adhesive that will not crack or break under stress, road vibrations or temperature extremes. It will permanently repair loose and detached trim, weatherstripping and just about anything that should be attached to an automobile. Trim Repair works great on chrome, wood, plastic, metal, rubber and more. Extreme Flex - remains flexible, even in extreme temperatures Waterproof – bond remains secure even in the wettest road conditions Nozzle Tip Tube - allows for precise applications Dries clear - paintable after fully cured